Urgent: Senate Hearing on Additional Funding for Israel - Call to Action

Urgent: Senate Hearing on Additional Funding for Israel - Call to Action

Asalaamu Alaikum dear brothers and sisters,

We are writing to inform you about an important matter that requires our collective attention and action.

On Tuesday, October 31 there will be a Senate hearing concerning the allocation of an additional $14 billion in funding for Israel. This decision holds significant implications for the ongoing oppression and genocide of the Palestinian population in Gaza.

We ask you, our community, and people that you know to call Senators Hirono and Schatz on Monday, October 30 voicing your concerns and urging them to oppose this funding. Additionally, we call upon them to advocate for a cessation to the violation of humanitarian and international laws and an end to the ongoing atrocities.

Below is the contact information for Senators Hirono and Schatz in both their Washington, DC and Honolulu offices:


Mazie K. Hirono (D)

·      Washington, DC: (202) 224-6361

·      Honolulu, HI: (808) 522-8970

 Brian E. Schatz (D)

·      Washington, DC: (202) 224-3934

·      Honolulu, HI: (808) 523-2061


Your voice matters, and every call they receive is counted. Let us stand steadfast and united in our effort to promote peace and justice for our brothers and sisters in Palestine during these harrowing times.

Jazaakom Allah Kheir for your swift action and unwavering commitment to this cause.

Warm Regards,

MAH Executive Committee