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Muslim Association
of Hawaii

Serving the Muslim community of Hawaii for over 50 years.

Recent Announcements

Eid Mubarak

April 9, 2024

Assalaamu Alaikum,

As we take in the last moments of Ramadan, we wish to extend a heartfelt Eid Mubarak to you and all your loved ones. May this day be filled with gratitude, love, and remembrance of Allah (SWT). As we celebrate Eid, let us fervently pray to Allah (SWT) that He grant us the ability to witness another Ramadan next year.

Moreover, let us remember in our prayers the countless brothers, sisters, and dear children around the world who continue to suffer and endure oppression, persecution, and injustice. May Allah (SWT) alleviate their pain, grant them strength, and bring an end to their hardships.

During Ramadan we experienced a heightened sense of iman through increased worship, remembrance, and supplication. Let us strive to maintain this level of closeness to Allah (SWT) in the months to come.

We look forward to greeting each of you at Eid Prayer.

Warm Regards,

MAH Executive Committee

Eid Announcement

April 8, 2024

Assalaamu Alaikum,

The crescent moon of Shawwal was not sighted this evening, therefore, Eid will inshaAllah be on Wednesday, April 10. Tonight will be the last night of Taraweeh. We will continue our fast tomorrow, Tuesday, April 9 concluding the month of Ramadan.

Eid will take place in Burns Hall at the Keehi Lagoon Memorial complex. Takbeerat will begin at 8:30am. Prayer will begin promptly at 9:00am followed by the Khutba. Light refreshments will be served.

May Allah (SWT) reward your perseverance and all acts of worship during this blessed month. We look forward to greeting each of you at Eid prayer on Wednesaday inshaAllah.

Warm Regards,

MAH Executive Committee

Serving our community

The Muslim Association of Hawaii provides a safe, comfortable environment for its members and visitors to come together in the remembrance of Allah (SWT) through prayer, worship, and education. MAH is dedicated to promoting tolerance, mutual understanding, social justice, and civic responsibility to help nurture and establish Islam as a living reality in the lives of Muslims in Hawaii, making positive contributions to our State and the world around us.

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“Whoever goes to the Masjid in the morning and evening, Allah will prepare for him a place in Jannah for every morning and evening.”
[Bukhari and Muslim]


Icon of Muslim man praying, for Daily Prayer Service.

Daily Prayers

Prayer, or Salat, is a critical component of our religion as it serves as a regular reminder of our duties and purpose. The Masjid is open every day for the five daily prayers.

Heart icon, for matrimonial services.

Matrimonial Services

Marriage (Nikkah), is a Prophetic tradition that has certain requirements. The Muslim Association of Hawaii offers marriage counseling and is licensed to perform marriage ceremonies.

Umbrella icon for funeral services.

Funeral Services

We offer assistance in making funeral arrangements and will guide you through the entire Islamic funeral process.

Star icon for youth program services.

Youth Programs

We operate various youth programs to help children in our community develop leadership and communication skills, and become champions of truth.

Book icon for Islamic education service.

Islamic Education

We run programs and workshops to help our community nurture Islamic knowledge and learn more about our beautiful religion and its principles.


Women-only Programs

The Muslim Association of Hawaii hosts programs catered exclusively to women, such as the weekly Halaqa that takes place on Saturdays.