Urgent Call to Action: Rally for Palestine on November 12

Urgent Call to Action: Rally for Palestine on November 12

Asalaamu Alaikum,

We are writing to urgently address the dire situation in Palestine and the unrelenting suffering endured by innocent civilians, half of whom are children, as well as doctors and first responders in all areas of Palestine with the epicenter in Gaza.

The current siege of Gaza has reached unprecedented levels of devastation. The toll on human lives is staggering, with nearly 10,000 Palestinians dead, and over 32,000 wounded and in need of immediate medical attention. Additionally, thousands more remain unaccounted for. We are witnessing relentless attacks on hospitals and refugee camps, leaving us with a sense of urgency to take a stand against these atrocities.

Regrettably, our Senate has not yet introduced a resolution for a ceasefire. Moreover, the recent decision by the US House of Representatives to allocate an additional $14.3 billion in weapons to Israel is deeply troubling. It is unacceptable for our lawmakers to remain silent in the face of what can only be described as an outright genocide.

In response to this crisis, we are organizing a second sign-waving protest to demand an immediate cessation of the atrocities. We call for an end to the bombing of civilian targets, which includes hospitals, churches, schools, mosques, and residential neighborhoods. Additionally, we demand access to necessities such as water, food, medicine, and humanitarian supplies.

The protest will take place on Sunday, November 12 from 3:30PM to 5:30PM at the Waikiki entrance of Ala Moana Beach Park, along the intersection of Ala Moana Boulevard and Atkinson Drive. It is imperative that we show our strength in numbers to compel our representatives to take action. We must demonstrate that we are a significant, united force, unwavering in our support for the Palestinian cause, and unwilling to be disregarded.

If we cannot appeal to the humanity within them, we must appeal to the pragmatic politicians within them.

Please join us, along with your friends, families, and any other concerned parties in this crucial event. Together, we will make a difference and bring attention to the urgent need for a ceasefire and humanitarian aid.

In solidarity and hope,

MAH Executive Committee