About our Imam

Dr. Ismail Elshikh has been serving as the Imam of the Muslim Association of Hawaii for over 20 years.

Dr. Ismail Elshikh

Principal IMAM, Muslim association of hawaii
The Imam of the Hawaii Mosque / Muslim Association of Hawaii, Dr. Ismail Elshikh.

Imam Ismail has dedicated his life to Quran recitation and Islamic studies. At the mere age of ten, he memorized the entire Quran. He later obtained a Bachelor of Islamic Da'awah (with Honors) from the Al-Azhar University, one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the Muslim world, PhD in Islamic Studies (with Honors) and authentication (sanad) for the Quran from Sheikh Abulhakim Abdullateef, the chief of Al-Azhar Quoranic Hlaqah.

He also completed the ten qiraat (recitation Style) with Sheikh Dr. Waleed Elmeneese and received many awards for Quran memorization and recitation from both Al-Azhar University and the Ministry of Islamic Affairs in Egypt. Imam Ismail has studied under the guidance of many world renown Qurraa (reciters) in Egypt including Sheikh Abdul-Bast Abdul-Samad, Sheikh Abu-Elenein Sheashaa, Sheikh Shaaban Al-Sayad, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Masarawi, and Sheikh Ahmad Noainaa.

Imam Ismail is the founding member of board of trustees of the Qurraa Association of America and a member of the North American Imam's Federation (NAIF), and has been a guest speaker and reciter at many events nationally and internationally.